Great dinner last night, great fitout #realfood

-Ray McVinnie

Vodka Room’s critically-acclaimed Russian-inspired fare and unique spaces have been featured in/on The NZ Herald, Canvas, Dish Magazine, The AM SHOW, RadioLIVE, Urban List and Concrete Playground amongst others. Curious? Read on...

"This is the restaurant you didn't know Auckland was missing...I'm happy to eat every delicious thing I can at Vodka Room and then go back and eat it again. Vodka Room offers belly-lining comfort food (with a few twists) and our stomachs were stuffed. Could we get the leftovers to go? "Don't forget the potatoes," said my friend. "If you forget the potatoes, I'll kill you."

"The food is modern Russian, and is excellent. Come with an empty stomach and a group of comrades because this is a menu you'll want to explore. The infused vodkas will send the indecisive into a panic; with flavours like blueberry and basil, and chilli and cinnamon, the sensible option would be to return multiple times to try them all. Vodka Room is an oddly eccentric, in your face mish-mash of colours, textures and sounds, but it works."

"Beautiful? Check. Fun? Check. Delicious? You betcha. And while we’re tempted to keep the delightful gem all to ourselves, we just can’t stop raving about it… and so will you! A stunning venue with relaxed vibes—you and your squad could happily pass the day (and night) away here. Whether you’re after a romantic dinner for two, business lunch to impress, karaoke with the squad or cocktails in the sun, Vodka Room has you covered."

"Say "Vashe zdorovye!" to one sleek Russian eatery, holding pride of place in Auckland's Ponsonby. This artfully embellished cocktail bar, eatery and karaoke room (warm up your vocal chords, ladies) is quite literally the recipe for an enjoyable and (depending on how many shots are consumed) memorable night out. The menu here is playful yet sophisticated, with diners encouraged to take a punt and try something new at every turn."